Senator Hueso Provides Update on Coronado Bridge Safety

Improvements a top priority
February 16, 2017

San Diego, CA…  Today, Senator Ben Hueso released a status update on safety improvements to the Coronado Bridge specifically Interstate 5 and State Route 75 highway ramps following the tragic accident which took the lives of four innocent victims and left at least nine people injured on October 15, 2016.   Hueso has been diligently working with Caltrans to address and enhance the safety of both bridge commuters and Chicano park visitors.
“Last year, I joined efforts with the Barrio Logan Community, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to make safety a priority while traveling on Interstate 5 over Chicano Park and to and from Coronado,” stated Senator Hueso.  “While more needs to be done, we’ve made progress geared toward greatly minimizing tragedies caused by speeding drivers and debris.”
Below is a list of immediate and longer term measures that are being taken:


·         Caltrans will enhance and supplement the advisory speed limit signs
·         Caltrans will install new feedback signs with flashing LED lighting, which have been highly effective in slowing drivers
·         Caltrans is working on a study to ensure all measures to address speed on the bridge are considered
·         CHP will add more officers to patrol speed on the bridge at the upcoming Chicano Park Day Festival
·         CHP is conducting its own investigation due in April which may result in additional safety enhancements

·         Caltrans is sweeping the road by the I-5 connectors every two weeks
·         Caltrans is studying options that include the installation of a fence to prevent debris from falling over the bridge
·         Caltrans is working on a safety assessment addressing the issue of vehicles veering off the bridge
General Bridge Safety

·            Senator Hueso is introducing a bill this week to ensure that funding is available at the state for the bridge improvements, pending the results of the CHP investigation 
Senator Hueso added, “I will continue to work with residents and the state agencies to ensure we address all safety measures at the Coronado Bridge.  I am committed to fighting for additional state resources so people both above and below the bridge feel safe and secure.”  
Caltrans District 11 Director Laurie Berman added, “Chicano Park is the heart of Barrio Logan and a National Historic Landmark.  Caltrans’ highest concern is the safety of the community who use the park.  We will continue to work with Senator Ben Hueso on these important improvements.”  

 Four people were killed and several others were injured in October 2016 when a truck traveling on the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego veered off the road and flew 60 feet off the bridge, landing on a crowd gathered at a park below.  The crash happened just after 3:30 p.m. off the connector bridge while hundreds were attending a festival at Chicano Park.