2019-2020 Legislation


SB 208 – Consumer Call Protection Act of 2019: This bill sets a deadline for telecommunications providers to take steps necessary to stop illegal robocall scams known as neighbor spoofing, and also ensures that the CPUC can collaborate with the California Attorney General’s Office to support action against illegal robocallers.

SB 305 – Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law: This legislation would provide relief, compassion and dignity to Californians during the most vulnerable time of their lives by allowing the use of medical cannabis in healthcare facilities for Californians who are terminally ill.

SB 313 – Circus Cruelty Prevention Act: This bill protects wild or exotic animals by prohibiting any person from sponsoring, conducting, operating, or participating in a circus that uses animals.

SB 338 – Senior and Disability Justice Act: By establishing a comprehensive and complete listing of laws protecting seniors and people with disabilities, this bill gives local law enforcement agencies tools to better protect California’s most vulnerable populations from harm and abuse.

SB 367 – State Coastal Conservancy: grants: educational projects and programs: This legislation enhances the State Coastal Conservancy’s authority to provide grants for the purpose of protecting state’s coastal resources and improving public access across the state, and authorizes the conservancy to grant funding for technical assistance and the construction and improvement of onsite and distance learning facilities.

SB 416 – Peace Officers Workers’ Compensation: This bill would expand coverage to all peace officers described under specified provisions of law the specific categories of injuries that are presumed to be work-related, including hernia, cancer, heart trouble, pneumonia, tuberculosis, exposure to biochemical substances, meningitis, and lower back impairments.

SB 422 – High Risk Youth Employer Tax Incentive: This bill creates an employer tax credit for businesses that hire formerly incarcerated youth between the ages of 18-25 who have completed a work readiness program through a qualified job-training provider.

SB 457 – Sunset Extension on Existing Biomethane Incentive Program: This bill extends the sunset date by five years, from 2021 to 2026, of an existing incentive program for biomethane interconnection projects.

SB 506 – Reinstates the Attorney General’s Statutory Authority to Represent Ratepayers in Cases from 2000-2002 Energy Crisis: This bill reinstates the authority of the Attorney General (AG) to represent the Department of Finance and to exercise the powers of the now-defunct Electricity Oversight Board in litigation related to the 2000-02 energy crisis.

SB 558 – Commission on California-Mexico Affairs: This legislation would establish the Commission on California-Mexico Affairs and tasks the commission with improving collaboration between California and Mexico to address matters of particular concern to California.

SB 577 – California Department of Tax and Fee Administration: State Board of Equalization: administrative and personnel services: This bill would clarify Government Code Section 15570.28 stating that board personnel shall provide information and materials to assist the department in providing administrative and personnel services to the Board of Equalization.

SB 619 – Promise Zones: credit reporting pilot program: This legislation establishes a three-year, opt-in, rent reporting pilot program in the four CA Promise Zones federally designated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (San Diego, Sacramento, Downtown & Southeast Los Angeles).

SB 656 – Coronado Bridge Suicide Prevention Initiative: This bill would create an advisory committee to provide input into the selection of a suicide deterrent system for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

SB 667 – Organic Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Investment Act of 2019: This bill would require CalRecycle to develop an innovative five-year strategy to meet the state’s organic waste and diversion goals by supporting organic waste infrastructure development.

SB 690 – Tijuana River Border Pollution Control Project: This bill would encourage the Coastal Conservancy, when granting funds appropriated by AB 74 of the 2019-20 Regular Session for purposes of addressing transboundary flows and pollution in the Tijuana River Valley, to prioritize those projects identified in the studies required by SB 507 (Hueso, 2016), to the extent feasible.

SB 708 – CAISO Transparency and Oversight: This bill would require additional transparency of the operations of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and require specified annual reporting requirements by the CAISO to the Legislature.

SB 738 – Mexico Office of Trade and Investment: This legislation will require the California Trade and Service Office Advisory Group to prioritize the establishment of an international trade and investment office in Mexico City.

SB 1301 – Tijuana River Valley Watershed Action Plan: This bill would require the California Environmental Protection Agency to create a Watershed Action Plan for the Tijuana River Valley.


SR 57 – Tijuana River Valley: This Senate resolution respectfully requests that Governor Newsom look into the ongoing emergency occurring in the Tijuana River Valley, damaging our southernmost coast, and explore using available state resources to address the environmental crisis.

SCR 40 – April Autism Awareness Month: This Senate concurrent resolution designates April 2019 as Autism Awareness Month and encourages Californians to show their support for autism awareness.

SJR 1 – National Emergency Declaration: This Senate joint resolution states the Legislature’s support of efforts by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in filing a lawsuit to challenge President Trump’s National Emergency Declaration.

SCR 28 – Commendation of Recognition of UCLA as Top Public University in the United States of America: This Senate concurrent resolution would extend the utmost congratulations to the University of California, Los Angeles, for its triumphant recognition as the best public university in the United States.

SR 48 – Tariffs on Mexico: This Senate Resolution would urge the leaders of the United States and Congress to avoid and to oppose any tariffs levied on Mexico as it hinders the economic success of California and the United States.

SCR 57 – Commendation of Special Olympics: This Senate concurrent resolution commends the Special Olympics on its celebration of its 50th Anniversary.