2021-2022 Legislation


SB 311 – Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law: This legislation would require that hospitals and certain types of healthcare facilities in the State of California allow a terminally-ill patient to use medical cannabis for treatment and/or pain relief.

SB 394 – Telecommunications: Moore Universal Telephone Service Act: This bill clarifies Californians’ eligibility for the Lifeline Universal Telephone Service Program by updating the definition of a “household” to ensure that all households eligible at the federal level are also eligible for California’s Lifeline Program.

SB 416 – Corrections: educational programs: This bill would amend the Penal Code to protect incarcerated students’ access to face-to-face college instruction provided by quality, regionally-accredited, non-profit higher education providers, as well as amend Title 15 to recognize full-time enrollment in college as a full-time assignment.

SB 589 – Air pollution: alternative vehicles and vehicle infrastructure: This legislation expands the state’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) transportation planning to include workforce needs for the state’s ZEV goals.

SB 712 – Local government: California tribes: federal fee-to-trust applications to regain ancestral lands: This bill requires local governments to evaluate a federally-recognized tribe’s fee-to-trust acquisition application on its merits, and prohibits the adoption or enforcement of a local policy that would prevent a fair evaluation.

SB 721 – California Farmworker Day: This bill would designate August 26th as California Farmworker Day to honor the contributions farmworkers provide to the State of California.

SB 734 – Redevelopment agencies: pass-through agreements: modification: This bill seeks to protect the fiscal solvency of California cities by allowing them the opportunity to re-negotiate significant amounts of debt accrued through their redevelopment agencies.

SB 756 – Home weatherization services for low-income customers: This legislation will ensure more of California’s low-income families benefit from energy savings assistance in the form of energy efficiency upgrades to their home, including weatherization and appliance replacement.


SJR 2 – Immigration Reform: This resolution calls on the federal government to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

SCR 15 – U.S. Army SP4 Dwayne M. Patterson Memorial Highway: This measure recognizes Dwayne Maxifield Patterson’s contributions to the State of California and US by designating a portion of State Route 111 in the County of Imperial, between postmile 33 and postmile 37.6, as the Dwayne Maxifield Patterson Memorial Highway.