Need help paying rent or utilities?

Need Help with Rent or Utilities?


The State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program has a significant amount of money available for qualified renters and landlords to cover 100% of rent and utilities owed.

If you or someone you know needs help with unpaid rent, future rent, and/or utility assistance, don’t wait – apply today!

To learn more, please visit


Assistance is being administered through different programs depending on where you reside. For residents of the 40th Senate District:

City of Chula Vista:

City of San Diego:

All other areas of San Diego County:

Imperial County (administered by the state): visit to start your application.

When in doubt, the best place to start is


  • Assistance is available to help with unpaid or future rent or utilities.
  • Both landlords and tenants can apply.
  • Income-eligible applicants may qualify regardless of immigration status; proof of citizenship is NOT required.
  • Program assistance does NOT count as earned income (for renters) and will NOT affect eligibility for any other state benefit assistance programs (e.g., CalFresh or CalWORKS).
  • Applicant information is kept private and will not be shared.
  • Program will accept applications on an ongoing basis but priority assistance will be given to income eligible households most at-risk of eviction.
  • After an application has been successfully processed, both the landlord and renter will be notified of next steps.



Call the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief Call Center at 833-430-2122.

For assistance in another language, or to find a local organization to assist you with your application, please call 833-687-0967.