Vote early to ensure your ballot is counted by Election Day

Dear Friend,

The November 3rd election is just one week away! If you are registered to vote, you should have received your ballot by now. Ballots were mailed to every registered voter to minimize the spread of COVID-19, allowing us to safely vote from home and avoid going in person to a polling place.

Some important info:

  • You can vote now
  • Just fill out your ballot, using blue or black ink, follow the folding instructions, and put your completed ballot in the return envelope
  • Be sure to sign your name on the back and seal the envelope
  • Then put it in the mailbox. No stamps are necessary

If you choose not to mail your ballot through the U.S. Postal Service, you can:

  • Drop off your completed, signed ballot at one of the official drop box locations
  • To find a drop box location in San Diego County, go here, and for Imperial County, click here
  • You can also drop off your ballot at any polling place on Election Day or at one of the early voting sites

Voting now will help ensure that your ballot is among those that gets counted by Election Night. Reminder: Ballots must be put in a drop box, delivered to a polling place, or postmarked by no later than Nov. 3.

If you have not yet received your mail-in ballot, you can track its status here. You can also contact your county elections office if your ballot was not delivered to you. San Diego County residents can go here, and Imperial County residents can click here.

After you have mailed in your ballot or dropped it off, you can check its status here. You can also use this same link to sign up for alerts about your ballot’s status and find out whether your ballot was accepted or needs further action by you.

If you are not yet registered to vote, don’t worry, it’s not too late. You can register in person through Election Day, Nov. 3. If you just need to change your address or want to check your registration status, go online here.

Finally, please do not discard your mail-in ballot if you plan to vote in person. Instead, bring it with you to the polling station. Bringing it with you shows the poll workers that you have not yet voted and will prevent you from having to cast a “provisional” ballot. Provisional ballots don’t get counted right away, because they have to go through an additional review.

I hope you find this information useful. It’s an honor serving you in the State Senate.

Happy voting!

Ben Hueso
Senator, 40th District