2011 Legislation

The following is a list of bills I authored or (co-authored) in 2011 and were signed by the Governor. With the exception of AB 486, which became law the day it was signed by the Governor, all of the bills are effective January 1st, 2012:

AB 486 - Synthetic Drugs - Part of a package of bills to remove dangerous synthetic drugs from neighborhood markets. This bill makes it a misdemeanor to sell or distribute synthetic stimulants, commonly known as bath salts.

SB 420 - Synthetic Cannabinoids, co-author - Makes it a misdemeanor to sell or distribute any synthetic drug compound, commonly known as spice.

AB 1024 - Low Cost Auto Insurance - Expands the use of California's low-cost auto insurance program by making it accessible to all individuals through the creation and regulation of an Internet website.

AB 981 - California Capital Access Program (Cal CAP) - Expands access to small business loans specifically to businesses in high unemployment areas.

ACR 22 - Declares March as Bullying Prevention Awareness month, and urges school districts to discuss the issue of bullying and methods of preventing it.

ACR 69 - Calls on law enforcement, first responders, schools, local elected officials, and parents to educate youth and raise awareness about the risks associated with synthetic drugs. (This September and October, my office hosted the first in a series of community town hall meetings in Chula Vista and National City to raise awareness about the dangers of these man-made drugs.)

AB 581 - Public Health - Healthy Food- co-author - Increases access to healthy and nutritious foods and creates new economic opportunities in California's underserved urban and rural communities by establishing the California Healthy Food Financing Initiative.

AB 654 - Mills Act Reform - Modifies the Mills Act which gives a tax break to property owners who preserve and rehabilitate historically significant properties. Specifically, this bill requires an inspection of the exterior and interior of the premises to determine compliance with the Act.