2012 Legislation

Assemblymember Ben Hueso's 2012 legislative accomplishments reflect the Member's years of experience as a small business owner, service in local government, and dedication to community advocacy. His bills cover a variety of important topics including: public safety, government efficiency and transparency, protections for working families, education, and the overall improvement of quality-of-life in California. The following bills were signed by the Governor and will be effective on January 1, 2013.

ACR 86 - No Place For Hate: Increases awareness of and offers solutions to discrimination and hate crimes in our communities by designating February 2012 as California, No Place for Hate Month.

ACR 134 - Dropout Recovery: Highlights the importance of education and the critical need for our state to invest additional efforts to the recovery of high school dropouts. This resolution designated June 4 through June 10, 2012, as Dropout Recovery Week in California.

HR 39 - California Suicide Prevention Month: Seeks to increase awareness, education and treatment of symptoms of suicide with the goal of decreasing the number of suicide attempts and deaths state-wide. This resolution declared September 2012 to be recognized as Suicide Prevention Month in the State of California.

AB 1248 - Secure Retirements: Provides Social Security retirement coverage to City of San Diego employees who are not enrolled in a defined benefit retirement plan. This bill provides the same minimum retirement benefits for which any private-sector employee would be eligible.

AB 2209 - Protection of Dependent Children: Prohibits courts from placing any dependent child outside of the United States unless it is in the best interests of the child to do so. This bill lists fundamental factors the court must consider before making that decision.

AB 2467 - Victim Safety Through Electronic Monitoring (Kathy's Law): Protects victims of domestic violence and violent crimes by authorizing a judge to order the use of electronic monitoring on an attacker in conjunction with restraining orders.

AB 2523 - Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank: Expands business in California by authorizing the state's Infrastructure-Bank to provide loans to small and medium sized businesses.

AB 2551 - Infrastructure Finance Districts: Removes the voter threshold for the creation of an Infrastructure Financing District within a renewable energy zone.

AB 2609 - Fish and Game Commission: Holds Commissioners to a higher Code of Conduct and sets fair and clear business practices to ensure they act legally, ethically and in the public's best interests.