2013 Legislation

Senator Ben Hueso's Legislative Package for 2013 reflects the Senator’s years of experience as a small business owner, his service in local government, and his dedication to improving the quality of life for our communities. His bills cover a variety of topics including: improving access to quality healthcare; securing clean and reliable water resources; increasing the availability of affordable housing; creating safe neighborhoods; and instituting a jobs creation and retention strategy that will ensure California continues to be a place where families can realize the American dream.

SB 397: Enhanced Drivers’ Licenses – Creates a new type of California Drivers’ License that will allow for faster travel across the U.S./Mexico border. This will reduce border wait times and increase economic gain produced by efficient and secure cross-border travel.

SB 36: Worker’s Compensation Insurance Transparency - Provides greater transparency within the worker's compensation insurance market by creating a one-stop data retrieval page on the Department of Insurance’s website to help identify key markers of economic volatility.

SB 117: Integrated Cancer Treatment – Provides open access for consumers to receive, and physicians to administer, Integrative Cancer Treatment in California.  

SB 134: No Hunger for Heroes Act – Eliminates barriers to the CalFresh nutrition assistance program for active-duty military families.

SB 171: Coachella Valley Water District - Provides a tool to the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) to assist in the continued operation and maintenance of their drainage facilities.

SB 322: Indirect Potable Reuse - Establishes a process to develop criteria for expanding the state’s water recycling program.

SB 401: Administrative Practices - Provides for a better understanding of economic impacts to the commercial construction industry by providing transparency to those affected by new building standards.  Specifically, this bill requires a state agency proposing a new building standard to cite the estimated cost and benefits of compliance.

SB 488: Healthy Homes Enforcement - Expands enforcement authority for pest infestations and garbage storage and removal to local code enforcement agencies, under specified circumstances. in order to ensure the health and safety of California’s tenants.

SB 522: Foster Youth - Provides accountability to the process by which foster youth are allocated specific federal benefits.

SB 806: SmartPlates- Authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish a pilot program for alternatives to metal vehicle license plates.

SCR 38: Stephen Palmer Sr. Memorial Highway - Designates a portion of State Highway Route 94 in the County of San Diego as the Stephen Palmer Sr. Memorial Highway in recognition of Mr. Palmer Sr.’s sacrifice in service of Caltrans and the citizens of California.

SCR 40: Korean War Armistice Day- Recognizes July 27th as the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice Day.

SCR 48: Swimmable Day California- Proclaims July 25, 2013, as Swimmable Day California

SCR 50: Dropout Recovery Week- Proclaims the week of August 4, 2013, to August 10. 2013, as Dropout Recovery Week

Co-authored Legislation

AJR4: California’s Border Infrastructure (V. M. Perez) - Requests federal funds for necessary improvement projects along the Calexico, San Ysidro, and Otay Mesa border crossings.  These projects will ease traffic congestion and increase the economic gains associated with international trade and commerce.

AJR13: California Job Corps Programs (Campos) -  Requests the California Congressional Delegation to redress inappropriate action by a federal administrator that will result in the significant loss of jobs and opportunity for low income youth in the State of California.

AB 13: Veterans Post-Secondary Education (Chavez): Allows recently discharged or released members of the armed forces to attend a California Community College, California State University, or University of California while paying in-state tuition as long as she/he begins school within a year of her/his discharge.

AB 71: Salton Sea Restoration Governance (V. M. Perez) – Requires the State Resources Agency to lead Salton Sea restoration efforts in consultation and coordination with the Salton Sea Authority and creates a technical advisory group.

AB 116: Tentative Parcel Maps (Bocanegra) – Provides an automatic one-time extension for tentative parcel maps currently approved within local jurisdictions to ensure that construction projects are not lost and the state can benefit from the significant economic investments made to date.

AB 147: Salton Sea and Dust Mitigation (V. M. Perez) – Calls for development of a strategic plan for mitigation of dust pollution at the Sea and creates a Salton Sea Dust Mitigation Project Account.

AB 182: School Financing Bonds (Buchanan) – Establishes parameters for the issuance of education bonds to reduce the costs of capital appreciation bonds or CABs.

AB 594: California State Parks (Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife) - Modifies state law to require the Department of Parks and Recreation to explore cost saving measures such as increasing efficiencies, enhancing revenue generation, and exploring partnerships, before considering park closures.

AB 639 Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act (Perez): Authorizes the issuance of $600 million in general obligation bonds for the construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable multifamily, supportive, and transitional housing for veterans, if approved by the voters.

AB 803: Water Recycling Act of 2013 (Gomez) – Eliminates barriers to water recycling.

SB 21: UC Riverside School of Medicine (Roth) - Appropriates  $15 million annually to the University of California for the school of medicine on the Riverside campus.

SB 39: Clean Energy Employment and Student Advancement Act of 2013 (De Leon and Steinberg) - Requires the Office of Public School Construction to establish a competitive grant program to provide assistance to K-12 school districts for the purpose of energy efficiency upgrade projects.

SB 126: Pervasive Developmental Disorders (Steinberg): This bill extends, until July 1, 2019, the sunset date of an existing state health benefit mandate that requires health plans and health insurance policies to cover behavioral health therapy (BHT) for pervasive developmental disorder or autism (PDD/A) and requires plans and insurers to maintain adequate networks of PDD/A service providers.

SB 285: Cal Grants (De Leon): The bill provides for the use of funds from the College Access Tax Credit Find )CATC) to increase the amount of the Cal Grant B Access Award up to a maximum of $5000 per award per academic year.

SB 788: Omnibus (Senate Comm. On Trans & Housing): This is a committee omnibus bill that includes language from SB 444 (Hueso) to authorize the relinquishment of SR 86 to the Cities of Brawley, El Centro, and Imperial and to the County of Imperial, as specified.