2017 Legislation

SB 357 – (International Trade and Investment Office of Mexico) This bill will authorize the Director of GO-Biz to establish an international trade and investment office in Mexico by July 1st, 2018.

SB 551 – (Small Business Lending) This bill allows lending institution that invests in companies that cannot access traditional bank loans to continue lending to small businesses without State backing, if the State no longer matches lender/borrower contributions to the lenders’ loan portfolio loss reserve fund. It delays scheduled increases in loan portfolio loss reserve fund contributions made by lenders, borrowers and the State. The bill also enacts a mechanism for lenders to withdraw from participation in the loan loss reserve fund.

SB 507 – (Tijuana River Valley) This bill takes funds dedicated for acquisition of land and re-appropriates those funds so that they may be used for development, rehabilitation, protection and/or restoration related to the Tijuana River sewage spill.

SB 494 – (Golden State Reading Guarantee Grant Program) This bill would establish the Golden State Reading Guarantee Grant Program to assist local educational agencies in ensuring that all students meet reading standards and language progressive skills by the end of grade 3.

SB 649 – (Permit siting for small cells equipment) This bill would streamline the permit process for small cell equipment used for wireless service. Specifically, the bill exempts small cell equipment from the discretionary permit process by local cities/counties and instead provides that these decisions are handled through ministerial procedures. Additionally, the bill would limit the fees that cities/counties can assess on the siting of this technology.

SB 598 – (Electric and Gas Utility Disconnections) This bill would require more transparency of utility disconnections in proceedings at the CPUC, particularly, the general rate case. The bill would provide protections against service disconnections for residents with medical conditions that require utility service. Lastly, the bill establishes a goal to reduce disconnections by 50%.

SB 385 – (CPUC Reports) This bill is a technical clean-up of the Public Utilities Code to ensure reports to the Legislature reside in the appropriate section of the code. The bill currently references a risk assessment of the Aliso Canyon storage facility that CPUC must report to the legislature.

SB 6 – (Due Process for all) This bill would provide legal counsel to those individuals in the State of California who are currently in the deportation process.

SCR 22 – (Autism Awareness Month) This resolution would highlight Autism Awareness Month in April.

SB 615 – (Salton Sea Policy) This measure would place in statute, a 10 year plan in order to implement the MOU between the state and the federal government.

SB 701 – (Salton Sea Funding) This measure would create a General Obligation Bond for state obligations to be placed on the ballot in June 2018.

SB 480 – (Coronado Bridge) This bill would allocate resources for purposes of enhancing the safety of the Coronado Bridge.

SB 744 – (Outdoor Advertising: exemption) This bill would exempt 3 advertising displays in the County of Imperial from the Outdoor Advertising Act regulated by the Department of Transportation.

SB 750 – (Vehicles: Digital License Plates – Pilot Program) This bill will expand the scope of the existing DMV pilot program authorizing the DMV to explore license plate and vehicle registration technologies.