Senator Hueso Names Imperial Valley Restaurant as Small Business of the Year

June 10, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 10, 2013) – This morning, Senator Ben Hueso presented the 40th Senate District’s 2013 Small Business of the Year award to  ‘Antojitos Como En Casa’ restaurant at the California Small Business Day luncheon reception to honor small businesses from all over California.

“Antojitos Como En Casa restaurant is a perfect example of how important small businesses are to our community and our economy,” said Senator Hueso. “Robert and Rina are hardworking small business owners who have continually demonstrated their commitment to improving the community.”

Small businesses throughout California have encountered difficult times during the recent economic downturn. In December of 2012, the unemployment rate in Imperial Valley was 26.5%. Three months later, the unemployment rate dropped 2.8% to 23.7%.

Roberto and Rina Perez met in 2001. They discovered a connection they had through similar traditional family recipes. There, the idea of bringing, to the Imperial County community, the aromas, colors, and flavors, from recipes throughout Mexico, was born. Once married, the business opportunity arose and they decided to take it and name it ‘Antojitos Come en Casa’ (cravings like at home). The bistro opened its doors in December of 2007, in the middle of the recession, and are not only surviving but thriving. What started in 2007, serving 9 persons daily, now serves over 100 persons daily and everyone who comes in through the door is viewed as family. They have recently expanded their eatery to double its size.


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