Sacramento News & Review: Higher goals: Working-class Latino families still struggling to crack California’s college dream

March 01, 2018

By Felicia Alvarez / March 1, 2018

As excerpted from Sacramento News & Review

Latino students continue to fall between the cracks of California’s education system despite composing 51 percent of the state’s overall student population, according to a study from the western division of the Education Trust.

The report found that the number of Latinos receiving associate’s and bachelor’s degrees doubled over the last decade, yet Latino adults continue to be “the least likely to have a college degree.” The percentage of adults graduating college in that category only rose by 1 percent from 2005 to 2015.

State Sen. Ben Hueso said that California’s localized tax funding system for schools has created a “modern segregation system.” Hueso is a San Diego Democrat who leads the Latino Legislative Caucus.

“A working-class family can only afford a cheaper home—that means your school district gets less funding,” Hueso said in a phone interview. “If we really want to make education equal in the state, every system has to get the same money on a per-pupil basis.”