Caltrans Releases Final Coronado Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Feasibility Study Report

Senator Hueso provides update on safety measures for the Bridge and Chicano Park
June 07, 2018

San Diego, CA – June 7, 2018 – Caltrans District 11 has issued its Final Coronado Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Feasibility Study Report, which determined that there are a number of physical suicide deterrent systems that could be suitable for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, including netting, fencing and glass barriers. For more information, and/or to read the full study, please visit:

“I’m very happy to announce that the final study results are available, and want to thank the community for their participation in this process,” said Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego). “Since 2016, the State of California has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on safety measures for the Coronado Bridge, and I will continue to work diligently with Caltrans and CHP to make bridge safety a priority.”

The next steps will involve meetings with regulatory agencies who have jurisdiction over the Coronado Bridge to obtain the necessary environmental approvals and permits to build a permanent suicide barrier. In the meantime, Caltrans is pursuing an interim suicide prevention measure along the majority of the Bridge, which may provide a deterrent that could result in enough delay to allow for intervention by first responders.

Senator Hueso has been working with Caltrans and CHP on a host of other bridge safety measures. Last month Caltrans completed work on a debris fence along the Interstate 5/State Route 75 interchange connectors in order to prevent trash, rocks, and other debris falling from the bridge onto Chicano Park below.

In October 2016, a tragic accident occurred on westbound SR 75 when a truck flipped over the barriers on the I-5 connector and landed in Chicano Park below, taking the lives of four innocent victims and leaving at least nine others injured. Following this tragic incident, Senator Hueso called for greater safety measures to be studied and implemented for the Coronado Bridge.

“I am committed to working to prevent future incidents like this, and to protect our residents and visitors who gather below the bridge in Chicano Park to enjoy time outdoors with their family and friends,” said Senator Hueso. “This debris fence is a crucial part of the safety measures that are being implemented for the bridge and on-ramps, and it’s just the beginning.”

Caltrans has also installed new signage for reduced speed limits, and curve warning signs encouraging drivers to slow down around corners. Additional safety measures include: increased road sweeping by the I-5 connectors; new feedback signs with LED lighting, which have been highly effective at slowing drivers; and more CHP officers to patrol speed on the Bridge during special events.