Package of 2022 Senate Bills authored by Senator Hueso advance to Assembly floor

May 26, 2022


Sacramento, CA - May 26, 2022 – A total of 17 bills authored by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) are headed to the Assembly floor. The bills will proceed through the appropriate voting process in the Assembly with possible amendments; if amended they will return to the Senate for a reconciliation vote, before going to the Governor’s desk for signature before Sept. 1, 2022.

“We continue to work to pass laws that will have a positive impact on our environment, housing, energy, and more,” said Senator Ben Hueso. “My staff and I will continue to work with other lawmakers to ensure these laws reach the Governor’s desk to continue to improve our district.”

List of bills passed into Assembly:


SB 985 – Otay Mesa East Toll Facility Act

Summary: The bill would authorize the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to carry out construction projects for the State Highway Route 11 corridor, including highway improvements and international border crossing facilities, and to set up and collect tolls to enter or use the highway corridor. It would also allow SANDAG to enter into agreements with Mexican government entities and local government entities to carry out their operations and collect tolls.


SB 988 – Ryan’s Law Cleanup Bill

Summary: This bill seeks to clarify that SB 311 (Hueso, Chapter 384, Statutes of 2021) does not require medicinal cannabis to be subject to all requirements applicable to controlled substances, nor does it require that a pharmacy or pharmacist be involved in the use, storage, management, or dispensing of medicinal cannabis at a health facility.


SB 990 – Transfer for Students on Parole

Summary: The bill would allow people on parole the option to transfer from prison directly to the county where a post-secondary educational or vocational training program opportunity is located rather than to the county of last legal residence, so long as the transfer does not increase public safety concerns or conflict with existing mandatory release restrictions.


SB 1028 – Villa Montezuma State Historic Park

Summary: The bill would designate Villa Montezuma as a state historic park under the state parks system. Built in 1887, Villa Montezuma is an outstanding example of late 19th Century architectural style known as “Queen Anne.” It has exuberant and eclectic ornamentation from turrets to Greek and Roman columns and is a romantic and colorful symbol of the great Southern California “Boom” that came with the completion of direct rail lines to San Diego in 1885. — Information from the Special Centennial Issue of the Journal of San Diego History, 1987


SB 1105 – San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Housing Act

Summary: The bill would establish the San Diego Regional Equitable and Environmentally Friendly Housing Agency in order to coordinate and execute a regional plan to increase affordable housing options throughout San Diego County. The bill would give the agency authority to generate funds as necessary to carry out operations that mitigate the housing crisis in San Diego County.


SB 1169 – Toll-Free South Bay Expressway

Summary: This bill affects the South Bay Expressway (SBX) toll road in San Diego County and seeks to retire the toll as of January 1, 2027; and at the same time tasks Caltrans with the road’s maintenance and improvements.


SB 1181 – Unsafe Used Tire Sales and Tracking

Summary: This bill would strengthen the California tracking system with regards to tire flows from California and other states into Baja California and Sonora.  This bill would also prohibit the sale of unsafe tires, consistent with current law which prohibits the installation of unsafe used tires.


SB 1247 – Fairness in Contracts

Summary: This bill, once amended, will require disclosures about various income streams in a contract between a Franchisor and a Franchisee to make franchises more equitable in the State of California.


SB 1280 – SDSU Sponsorship Agreements

Summary: This bill will create an exemption to tied-house laws that will allow San Diego State University (SDSU) to enter into sponsorship agreements with alcohol beverage suppliers at the new Snapdragon Stadium and other venues across campus, which will provide a vital funding stream to finance the stadium and enhance educational opportunities across campus.


SB 1347 – Renewable Hydrogen Production Study

Summary: This bill would require the State Air Resources Board to complete a study of renewable hydrogen production, distribution, transmission, and application within California by no later than December 31, 2023.  SB 1347 would authorize CARB to contract with an educational institution or related organization to undertake the study. SB 1347 would require a report prepared pursuant to the study to be submitted to the Legislature and posted on the CARB website by December 31, 2023


SB 1359 – Vehicle Registration

Summary: This bill will require law enforcement to check for current registration prior to writing a citation for a missing license plate date sticker. If the registration is current, no citation may be written.


Energy Bills

SB 857 – Ensuring Affordable Telecommunications in High-Cost Areas

Summary: Existing law authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to administer the California High-Cost Fund A (CHCF-A) and California High-Cost Fund B (CHCF-B) programs to ensure affordable basic voice telephone service in high-cost areas of the state. SB 857 extends the sunset for these programs from 2023 through 2028. The Legislature established the High-Cost Funds in statute in 1987. Since then, the Legislature has reauthorized the High-Cost Funds eight times.


SB 1208 – Universal Application Process for Low-income Assistance Programs

Summary: This bill would require the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to develop a universal application process to enable a customer to apply for multiple CPUC-approved utility low-income customer assistance programs.


SB 1213 – Ensuring State Agencies are reaching out to Community-based Organizations

Summary: This bill would require agencies to maintain a requested shared list of community-based organizations. Appropriately, the bill requires the agencies to work with existing advisory committees, as a starting point, to begin developing the list. SB 1213 is an affirmation of the wealth of knowledge of our communities-based organizations in knowing the challenges and opportunities of their local communities which can help shape state policy.


SB 1383 – Safety Oversight of Energy Storage Facilities

Summary: With the state’s reliance on energy storage – especially battery energy storage – expected to grow exponentially, the state needs to ensure these resources and their respective capacity will be available when needed. SB 1383 would expand the California Public Utilities Commission’s current safety operation and maintenance standards of electric generation facilities to include oversight of energy storage systems.


SB 1432 – Energy Resource Adequacy

Summary: The Resource Adequacy program ensures the state has appropriate energy supply reserves by requiring the California Public Utilities Commission to establish resource adequacy requirements of all load-serving entities, including electric investor-owned utilities, community choice aggregators (CCAs), and electric service providers (ESPs). SB 1432 makes clarifying changes to the RA statute to ensure the language is consistent in its application to ESPs and codifies a report on the program by the CPUC, including a requiring compliance status of all load-serving entities.


To track the progress of these bills go to the California Legislative bill tracker.