Governor signs SB 1359

September 16, 2022

SAN DIEGO – SACRAMENTO — Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation by Senator Ben Hueso (D-40), which prevents California drivers from being cited by law enforcement for not having a registration sticker on the rear license plate if the registration on the specified vehicle is current.

“If the registration sticker on your car is stolen or it falls off, you then run the risk of being cited even though your vehicle’s registration is current,” said Senator Ben Hueso (D-40). “Not only would you have to pay to have the sticker replaced, but also pay a citation. That’s not something our drivers need to be further inflicted with.”

SB 1359 requires a law enforcement officer or a person authorized to enforce parking laws and regulations to verify, using available Department of Motor Vehicles records, that no current registration exists for a vehicle before issuing a citation for a violation of the requirement to attach the appropriate stickers. The bill will prohibit the issuance of a citation against a car violating that requirement if the vehicle has a current registration on file with the DMV or if a person authorized to enforce parking laws and regulations does not have immediate access to the department’s records.

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