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May 21, 2014

The drought-driven quest to put a new water bond before California voters has fluctuated over the last few weeks, marked by new measures appearing, old ones evaporating and legislators shifting allegiances.

Lawmakers have introduced no fewer than nine water bond proposals, all vying to replace the $11.1 billion measure that is scheduled for the November ballot but widely believed to have little chance of passage.

May 16, 2014

State Sen. Ben Hueso and Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez on Friday will try to rally support for legislation that would boost geothermal energy production.

Senate Bill 1139, which the Senate is expected to debate next week, would require that energy retail sellers and local publicly owned electric utilities have more geothermal energy in their renewable energy portfolios.

May 05, 2014

Ben Hueso presenta iniciativa de ley para tener acceso a fondos gubernamentales que serían utilizados para agilizar el cruce comercial

San Diego

El senador de California, Ben Hueso, presentó este viernes una iniciativa de ley con la cual se tendría mayor acceso a fondos gubernamentales para ser utilizados en proyectos de infraestructura fronteriza que beneficien al comercio, tales como carreteras, sistemas ferroviarios y mejores puertos de entrada.

February 19, 2014

The Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a draft proposal that directs National Beef Packing Co. to either properly close some of its wastewater facilities or send a proposal that would show how it plans to comply with state regulations.

February 14, 2014

Sen. Ben Hueso, D-Chula Vista, recently sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown encouraging him and his administration to offer relief to the city of Brawley following the announcement of the National Beef Packing Co. closure in April.

The letter emphasizes the "devastating blow" to Imperial Valley's economy, the beef plant's immediate loss of 1,300 employees and the impact to their families.

January 15, 2014

Criticism can sting, yes. But if presented in the right way, it can also shape growth or spur action.

Groups advocating for change — be it gun control, immigration issues or tax reform — have discovered that shining a light on how lawmakers actually cast their votes is a pretty powerful tool. I caught up with California state Sen. Ben Hueso Wednesday to hear his take on one such tool: the new Report on California Food and Farming Legislation.

January 09, 2014

On January 9th, the Hunger Advocacy Network hosted a reception at the New Children’s Museum to celebrate the work of its partners and honor Senator Ben Hueso for his work on a bill to reduce hunger among veterans. The No Hunger for Heroes Act (SB134), authored by Hueso and co-sponsored by the Hunger Advocacy Network and the San Diego Hunger Coalition, was signed into law last year. This legislation prevents counties from denying food assistance to unemployed veterans and instructs counties to refer veterans to local offices and training agencies that specifically cater to veteran needs.

December 26, 2013

Every year, the Department of Motor Vehicles mails new registration stickers to California vehicle owners, who then head out to their driveway and put the stickers on their car’s license plate.

November 24, 2013


On behalf of the Neighborhood House and the families who received a turkey donation on Nov. 20; thank you Sen. Ben Hueso. Each family that participated expressed the most sincere gratitude to Sen. Hueso for helping them put a healthy meal on their table this upcoming thanksgiving day.

November 21, 2013

CALEXICO — Beatriz Nuñez was almost sure her family wasn’t going to have a turkey for Thanksgiving.

With money tight, the Calexico resident didn’t think the traditional meal would be in the budget this year.“My husband is on unemployment and I didn’t think we could afford it,” Nuñez said.

But thanks to Sen. Ben Hueso’s third annual Turkey Drive, Nuñez and 249 other Imperial Valley families will be able to give thanks and gather around turkey-bearing tables.