Press Releases

Senator Hueso selected the organization for its commitment to providing community-centered care for the underserved in the South Bay
October 27, 2020

National City, CA – Samahan Health Centers, a multi-service health center, has been selected as Nonprofit of the Year for California’s 40th Senate District. Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) nominated the organization for the fifth annual California Nonprofit of the Year awards, being celebrated virtually this year.

October 01, 2020

Sacramento, CA – October 1, 2020 – In his final actions on legislation passed this session, California Governor Gavin Newsom last night signed into law Senator Ben Hueso’s (D-San Diego) bill requiring the California Environmental Protection Agency to create a Watershed Action Plan for the Tijuana River Valley.

July 10, 2020

SAN DIEGO – California State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) yesterday convened a half-day meeting at the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant between officials from both sides of the border to discuss the binational efforts that are underway to stem the flow of toxic wastewater in the Tijuana River Valley.

Giveaways provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need in the 40th Senate District
November 26, 2019

San Diego, CA – November 26, 2019 – State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) kicked off the holiday season by hosting 12 turkey drive events across the 40th Senate District, providing Thanksgiving meals to approximately 700 families in need throughout San Diego and Imperial counties.

Senator Hueso’s SB 656 complements $5 million state budget allocation for permanent physical barrier
October 09, 2019

Sacramento, CA – October 9, 2019 – California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed Senator Ben Hueso’s (D-San Diego) Coronado Bridge Suicide Prevention Initiative (Senate Bill No. 656). The law, which goes into effect immediately, tasks Caltrans with the creation and establishment of an advisory committee to assist with the selection of a permanent suicide deterrent system for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge.

The Consumer Call Protection Act by Senator Hueso aims to stop caller ID spoofing
October 02, 2019

Sacramento, CA – October 2, 2019 – There is good news today out of Sacramento for Californians experiencing record numbers of illegal robocalls. Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law the Consumer Call Protection Act of 2019 (Senate Bill No. 208) by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego). The law sets a deadline of January 1, 2021 for telecommunications providers to implement Caller ID authentication measures that can help identify illegal robocalls and prevent consumers from being scammed.

Senator Hueso’s SB 690 complements $15 million budget allocation for cleanup efforts
September 30, 2019

Sacramento, CA – Sept. 30, 2019 – California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law new legislation seeking to reduce exposure to dangerous pathogens, limit beach closures, and address water quality issues in the Tijuana River Valley. Senate Bill No. 690, authored by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), would encourage the State Coastal Conservancy, when granting 2019-2020 state budget funds for the purposes of addressing transboundary flows and pollution in the Tijuana River Valley, to prioritize those projects identified through studies funded by SB 507 (Hueso, 2017).

Senator Hueso’s SB 305 “Ryan’s Law” heads to the Governor’s Desk for consideration
September 11, 2019

SACRAMENTO – September 11, 2019 – The California State Legislature today approved Senate Bill No. 305, authored by Sen. Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) and known as “Ryan’s Law,” which would provide compassionate access to medical cannabis in healthcare facilities for Californians who are terminally ill. Specifically, the bill prohibits certain types of healthcare facilities from interfering with a patient who is terminally ill and attempting to use medical cannabis within the facility, with certain restrictions. Ryan’s Law now heads to the Governor’s desk for consideration.

June 13, 2019

Sacramento, CA – June 13, 2019 - Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) announced today that the State Legislature passed a balanced and on-time 2019-2020 State Budget:

“As California’s economy continues to see increasing revenues, it is important to consider that our state budget is a reflection of our priorities. The Legislature’s proposal advances California’s values while protecting our taxpayers.

Promise Zones: credit reporting pilot program receives unanimous approval from State Senate
May 22, 2019

Sacramento, CA – May 22, 2019 – California Promise Zone residents would have the opportunity to establish or better their credit by having their rent payments reported to credit bureaus under a bill advancing through the State Legislature. Senate Bill No. 619, authored by Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego), establishes a three-year, opt-in, rent reporting pilot program in the four California Promise Zones federally designated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (San Diego, Sacramento, Downtown and Southeast Los Angeles).