The legislative season is underway! I am proud to announce that this year's legislative bills have been moving out of their respective committees with strong bipartisan support.Problems viewing this E-mail? Please click here.
Senator Ben Hueso
May 2016 Newsletter


Dear Friend,

The legislative season is underway! I am proud to announce that this year's legislative bills have been moving out of their respective committees with strong bipartisan support. Your phone calls, emails and letters of support have been received with much praise and I thank you all in advance.

As your State Senator, I encourage you to stay active and participate in the legislative process. There are many important proposals this year that may be important to you or to someone you know. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion and get involved in your community, school, and/or organizations to positively create change and challenge you to make a difference.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend warm wishes to all mothers who devote so much time in making everyone's life a better one. Happy Mother's Day!

As always please feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have.


Ben Hueso
State Senator
40th District


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Senator Kicks off Support for High Risk Youth Employer Tax Incentive Program


State Senator Ben Hueso was joined by over 50 statewide conservation corps representatives as he kicked off support for Senate Bill 1216. Hueso discussed the importance of his legislative proposal which will establish a business tax credit for employers who hire high-risk youth between the ages of 18-25 and have been convicted of a crime. In addition, individuals must demonstrate documented completion of a work readiness program through a qualified job training provider.

During his presentation he stated, "Senate Bill 1216 is about second chances. We need to open those doors of opportunity and help our high-risk youth become fully employed, functional members of society. Not only will this bill reward California businesses who invest in our youth's future with a tax incentive, Senate bill 1216 also gives our high- risk youth a great opportunity to learn, succeed and experience life-long skills through their employment."

Research indicates that the first 14 months are critical for a convicted felon's transition back into the community, and lack of state help with job placement or continued rehabilitation increases the chances that they will re-offend.

Senator Hueso Discusses Bill to Eliminate Pricing Discrimination in Products


Senator Ben Hueso was joined by and families to discuss his bill aimed at prohibiting gender pricing discrimination at business establishments. At the event, Hueso highlighted some "pink" products marketed toward women which were found to be more expensive than men's products.

During the event he stated, "We need to protect consumers and eliminate pricing discrimination from all retail stores. Women should not have to pay more because of the pink packaging. This practice needs to stop and I believe my bill will put pressure on the manufacturers and retailers by exposing them to litigation."

In December 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs conducted a study on the gender pricing of goods marketed to both men and women. The study looked across multiple industries, which included toys and accessories, children and adult clothing, and personal and home health care products for seniors. Across the sample, the department found that women's products cost more 42% of the time while men's products cost more 18% percent of the time.


Senator Hueso Commends Gaylla Finnell for her Selfless Commitment to the Community

This month, Senator Ben Hueso commended Ms. Gaylla Finnell for her dedication and selfless commitment to the community of Imperial County. Ms. Gaylla Finnell has been in education for decades and is currently working with the juvenile detention center to help reduce recidivism by ensuring that inmates earn their General Education Diploma GED. She has performed extensive work with the Inside/Out Program where qualifying inmates study in cooperation with students at Imperial Valley College. Finnell has diligently worked to develop the Inside/Out Program in Imperial County following the model that universities and prisons have been using across the nation. Imperial County is now the first sheriff's office in the country to host college courses under the Inside/Out philosophy and other communities are looking for ways to implement the program as well.

Senator Hueso stated, "Ms. Finnell has proven dedication and hard work can lead to exceptional results. She has raised the bar in many ways as a trailblazer in our community. I commend and respect her for all that she does."


Senator Hueso Introduces Bill to Protect Schools from Unfair Energy Costs

Senator Ben Hueso was joined by County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randolph Ward, Deputy Superintendent of Lemon Grove School District Gina Potter and County Assistant Superintendent of Business Lora Duzyk to discuss the importance and benefits of Senate Bill 1041 which is aimed at protecting schools from paying high electricity bills.

During the event Senator Hueso stated, "School funds should be used on textbooks, technology and innovative implementations which will improve our schools and will help educate our children. Our schools are instead trying to pay their high electric bills to keep the light switches on in the classroom. Ultimately, the ones paying the price are our children. We must protect our schools from unfair rate increases and outrageous charges on their bills."

Senate Bill 1041 requires the state's energy utilities to develop and implement a rate for electric service specific to K-12 public schools. The intent is that it will reduce the amount of money public schools spend on electricity, thereby freeing resources for the education of children.

County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randolph Ward also stated, "Senator Hueso's SB 1041 would put an end to a string of consecutive rate increases that have forced schools to cannibalize instructional budgets to cover the cost of keeping the lights on. Our schools don't want special treatment, just an appropriate resolution that takes into account a school's unique energy usage, fixed budget and duty of meeting the needs of the county's children."

San Diego Superior Court Refocuses Spotlight on Ticket and Infraction Amnesty Program

In June 2015, Governor Brown signed a one-time traffic amnesty program into law. The program, which will run from October 1, 2015 through March 31, 2017, was created as an incentive for people to resolve infraction-related delinquencies.

There are two groups of people who can participate in the amnesty program:

  • Persons with unpaid tickets whose bail or fines were originally due to be paid on or before January 1, 2013 and who are not current with payments, may be eligible to have both their debt reduced by 50 or 80 percent, depending on income, and the hold on their driver's license released.
  • Persons who were delinquent, but are currently making payments or become current at the date of the request, are not eligible for a reduction, but may be eligible to have the "failure to appear or pay" notification removed from their driving record.

Individuals who think they may be eligible for the Amnesty program should complete the Amnesty Program Participation Form at and bring it to the Court location where the delinquent ticket is filed. Individuals must appear in person to request amnesty, unless they live out of the state or county.

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