Independence Day is a special time to celebrate our great nation. During this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our women and men in uniform for everything they do to protect and serve our country. Problems viewing this E-mail? Please click here.
Senator Ben Hueso
July 2016 Newsletter


Dear Friend,

Independence Day is a special time to celebrate our great nation. During this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our women and men in uniform for everything they do to protect and serve our country. It is especially important to thank their families for supporting their commitment to our great nation.

As your State Senator, I will continue to work hard for the health and safety of our families in my district.
I look forward to working with my colleagues and all of you to move our 2016 legislative package successfully to the Governor's desk. As always, please feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have.


Ben Hueso
State Senator
40th District


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The Office of Senator Hueso and District Families Volunteer to Clean-Up the Tijuana River Valley

Kid helping outTrash

The office of State Senator Ben Hueso and district families partnered up with I Love a Clean San Diego and WiLDCOAST to remove trash, tires and other debris before it reached the ocean shores. With the support of approximately 140 volunteers, they were able to collect over 8,600 pounds of trash.

"This is the essence of community service," stated Senator Ben Hueso. "Cleaning up your community is a major part of giving back. I am proud my office took the initiative to be part of such a rewarding event. Such an outpour of support definitely demonstrates the commitment our residents have for beautifying our community."

Senator Hueso Announces Signing of the
2016-17 State Budget

Senator Hueso speaking on the budget

Senator Ben Hueso announced that the Governor signed a balanced 2016-17 state budget that appropriates record levels of K-12 per-pupil spending, invests in public higher education, increases savings in the rainy day fund and focuses on significant issues of poverty, including housing and childcare.

During the final vote Senator Hueso stated, "I appreciate all of those who worked hard to pass a responsible and financially prudent budget that includes the legislature's top priorities. Our focus continues to be reflective of our constituent's needs while investing in the protection of our resources. Today's passage demonstrates a commitment to our state's current well-being and our future."

Highlights of the 2016-17 state budget include:

  • The budget includes a total general fund spending of $122 billion.
  • $400 million to build more affordable housing.
  • $200 million for programs to help students attend and complete college.
  • The budget invests in long term cost-saving housing and support programs that address mental illness & fight chronic homelessness.

"I want to thank my senate colleagues for working with me to secure funding for the Salton Sea, in-home supportive service workers, early childhood education and affordable housing," said Senator Ben Hueso. "My district now has the opportunity to continue to invest in the protection of its natural resources, strengthen our communities' infrastructures and create a great future for my constituents."

2016 Budget Goals within the Senator's District:

  • Salton Sea will receive $80 million
  • Goat Canyon will receive $1.8 million for sediment clean up.
  • El Centro CHP office will receive $4.3 million to fund acquisition and preliminary plans for the El Centro area office replacement project.
  • The El Centro Court house will receive $39,277,000 in funding.

Senator Hueso to Commemorate the Maritime
Museum of San Diego

San Salvador Ship

Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 153, a measure which would recognize the Maritime Museum of San Diego for restoring and operating the San Salvador ship replica.

"We are replicating history for our children and their families to understand the importance the San Salvador had in our region," said Senator Hueso. "It is a great honor to have been part of the construction and the process that sent this ship sailing through our coastline."

The San Salvador is a 200-ton full-scale replica of the first ship to sail into the San Diego Bay in 1542. For over four years, the Spanish Landing Park was host to almost 500 volunteers who worked on the construction of the San Salvador. Once finished, it was moved by barge to a Chula Vista shipyard for its launching. The vessel, which will sail along the California coastline as a floating classroom, matches the original in size, weighing 150 tons and measuring 92 feet long by 24 feet wide.

Both Houses Approve to Call on Congress to Approve $248 Million for the Calexico Port of Entry


The California State Assembly unanimously passed Senate Joint Resolution 22 (Hueso and E. Garcia) calling on the U.S. Congress to approve $248 million for the final phase of the expansion and reconfiguration project at the Calexico West Land Port of Entry.

During the final vote Senator Hueso stated, "Today's bi-partisan vote demonstrates our shared commitment for promoting economic prosperity and success for both the United States and Mexico," stated Senator Hueso. "The expansion of Calexico's Port of Entry will provide much needed relief to the long lines and congestion, broaden our travel options and make our border more secure. I would like to thank my colleagues in the assembly for supporting Senate Joint Resolution 22 which will urge congress to appropriate funding for our border."

The Calexico West Land Port of Entry is undergoing a $370 million upgrade that will provide much needed improvements to the port of entry. When complete, both drivers and pedestrians will benefit from additional and enhanced north and south inspection lanes; a southbound bridge over the New River; a new head house and administrative offices; and a new pedestrian processing facility.

"Mexico is California's top export market," said Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella), who chairs the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy. "Expediting the flow of traffic between the U.S. and Mexico is important to the regional, state and national economy."


Senator Hueso Honors Oscar Garcia for his Selfless Commitment to the Community
Oscar Garcia

Please join me in recognizing Mr. Oscar Garcia for his selfless commitment to the families of Imperial County. Mr. Garcia is the Director of Bailando por un Sueño/Dancing for a Dream, a non- profit which assists local children with cancer. Funds raised through his organization go directly to the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert (CRCD). The proceeds from fundraisers also help six families whose children are struggling with the devastating effects of cancer. It is one of Imperial Valley's largest events featuring local celebrities and community leaders. Because of the generous support of CRCD and the surrounding community, many patients are able to overcome the trauma of cancer and continue to thrive in full and productive lives. This event has become the second largest local fundraiser for the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert in just three years.

In addition, Oscar has worked with the local Children and Families Agency since 2009 to promote health awareness for children in local elementary schools along with other local partnering agencies offering valuable messages and information directed to the students and their parents.

Thank you for all of your hard work and for all of your accomplishments.


Managing California's Hot Summer Months

Water Energy

California is heating up as we head into the heart of the summer months! While California summers bring to mind beach days and fun in the sun, we also have a critical need to manage water and energy use in our homes and businesses to help conserve natural resources in the midst of extreme heat, a long summer and tinderbox conditions.

Summer temperatures climbing to all-time highs often translates to a spike in AC use and sprinklers, which then puts a strain on both energy and water systems. Conservation is a way of life for Californians, but Energy Upgrade California is reminding us all that small actions around the home or business can make a big difference in conserving water and energy this summer season. Here are some simple steps to help manage the use of both:

  • Install low-flow showerheads: By refitting old showerheads with WaterSense®-labeled models, you can save up to 2,900 gallons of water per person annually. If all Californians did this, we could save more than 110 billion gallons of water per year!
  • Take shorter showers (five minutes or less): A five-minute shower can use up to 25 gallons less water than a 10-minute shower or a bath. And since you won't be heating as much water, you'll save energy, too.
  • Run sprinklers early in the morning or later in the evenings when temperatures are cooler. Cooler temperatures allow for the water to sink into the grass more efficiently.
  • Run washing machines with full loads using only cold water: With most washing machines, your clothes will be just as clean running in cold water as in hot water – and since you're not heating the water, you will use less energy.
  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets promptly: A faucet that leaks 60 drips per minute wastes more than 3,153 gallons per year.
  • Bright Idea! Your local water agency or utility company might offer special rebates and incentives to upgrade to low-flow showerheads and other water and energy saving products! Check for rebates in your area here. Share your bright ideas here:

For more information on how Energy Upgrade California is helping residents and small businesses Stay Golden, visit

Imperial Valley Cooling Zones

Imperial County has 30 Cool Centers for residents that need a cool place to stay during the hottest hours of the day. Please click on the link for an area near you!

APPLY NOW: Jack Walsh Scholarship Fund

Due to Casa Familiar's commitment to sustaining the Jack Walsh Scholarship Fund as well as the ongoing contributions from the Walsh family, Casa has awarded over 25 scholarships since 2006. The first four scholarships were granted to four students who were volunteers and members of Casa Familiar's Young Leaders Program who went on to attend universities across California, all of whom were first generation college students. We urge individuals of all ages and interests to apply. View flyer

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