Press Releases

Senator Hueso Resolution Protects the Tijuana River Valley

April 04, 2014

Senate supports the Tijuana River Valley Recovery Team’s strategy to enhance the region

Senator Hueso and Assemblymember V.M. Perez Hold Geothermal Hearing

April 01, 2014

Joint Hearing takes a closer look at geothermal projects in California

(Sacramento, CA) – On Thursday, April 3, Senator Ben Hueso, Chair of the Senate Select Committee for California’s Energy Independence, and Assemblymember V.M. Perez, Chair of the Assembly Select Committee of the Renewable Energy Economy in Rural California, will hold a joint informational hearing to discuss the policies and trends affecting geothermal production in California.

Senator Hueso Urges Funding for Calexico Pool

March 20, 2014

Budget Subcommittee 2 on Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation to consider request for potential funding sources

In the News

Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board issues draft proposal to help National Beef remain open

February 19, 2014

The Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a draft proposal that directs National Beef Packing Co. to either properly close some of its wastewater facilities or send a proposal that would show how it plans to comply with state regulations.

Senator Ben Hueso asks for governor's support regarding National Beef

February 14, 2014

Sen. Ben Hueso, D-Chula Vista, recently sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown encouraging him and his administration to offer relief to the city of Brawley following the announcement of the National Beef Packing Co. closure in April.

The letter emphasizes the "devastating blow" to Imperial Valley's economy, the beef plant's immediate loss of 1,300 employees and the impact to their families.

Hueso: ‘Food Is on Everyone’s Mind’

January 15, 2014

Criticism can sting, yes. But if presented in the right way, it can also shape growth or spur action.

Groups advocating for change — be it gun control, immigration issues or tax reform — have discovered that shining a light on how lawmakers actually cast their votes is a pretty powerful tool. I caught up with California state Sen. Ben Hueso Wednesday to hear his take on one such tool: the new Report on California Food and Farming Legislation.