Senator Hueso Introduces Bill to Designate the San Salvador as California’s Official Ship of Discovery

January 11, 2017

San Diego, CA… State Senator Ben Hueso today introduced Senate Bill 73, which will name the San Salvador as California’s official ship of discovery.  SB 73 will enhance the educational and cultural potential of the San Salvador and spread knowledge about the important role its voyage played in the history of America.  

“This ship played an integral role in California’s history,” expressed Senator Hueso.   “Senate bill 73 will encourage active learning and will promote an appreciation of our rich maritime heritage.” 

The San Salvador is a 200-ton full-scale replica of the first ship to sail into the San Diego Bay in 1542.  For over four years, the Spanish Landing Park was host to almost 500 volunteers who worked on the construction of the San Salvador.  Once finished, it was moved by barge to a Chula Vista shipyard for its launching.  The vessel sailed along the California coastline as a floating classroom and matched the original in size, weighing 150 tons and measuring 92 feet long by 24 feet wide.

“We are replicating history for San Diegans to understand the importance the San Salvador had in our region,” said Senator Hueso.  “It is a great honor to have been part of the construction and the process that sent this ship sailing through our coastline.”    

Last year, Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 153, a measure which would recognize the Maritime Museum of San Diego for restoring and operating the ship San Salvador replica.